How I Used Calorie Shifting Diet To Lose 55 Pounds

There has been a lot of interest and questions asked about the calorie shifting diet recently. It has been the reason for many successful weight loss stories. This article will sum up the main differences between traditional diets and the calorie shifting diet.

1. Why Do Traditional Diets Not Work?

The other most popular 2 week diet review are the low calorie and low fat diets, both of which I have personally tried before. What happens at first is that I have been able to lose a significant amount of weight, after which the weight loss actually reaches a plateau and pauses. After I realized that this was happening, I did further research and discovered that this is the body’s natural survival mechanism to slow down fat burning.

This means that the diet plan had become useless, even though I was eating very little! I was not going to lose any more weight, and I was still overweight. So I went ahead to find new ways for fat loss and that was when I discovered the calorie shifting diet.

Traditional diets aim at 1 type of food that causes weight gain, and aims to eliminate it from your diet, resulting in weight loss. However, the body can easily fight it by slowing down its metabolism.

2. What Does It Mean To Shift Calories?

A shifting calories diet simply means that you will be changing the times that you eat daily. Not only does the diet not decrease the amounts of food you consume, you will be eating more number of meals per day without eliminating any of the important food groups from your diet.

By not decreasing the amount of food consumed, the metabolic rate of your body will not slow down. In fact, by shifting calorie consumption to different times of the day, your body’s metabolism actually increases, causing more weight to be lost. The body is not deprived of food, and will not trigger its survival mechanism to slow down fat burning.

3. Should You Use The Calorie Shifting Diet Or Other Types Of Diet?

If you have tried any traditional diets before, you will know how difficult it is to stick to it. I know it too, and it’s not your fault! This is because traditional diets encourage you to take away one type of food from your diet. Your body will become deprived of it, and you will eventually give up fighting your temptations and cravings.

This is the reason why many people, like myself, quit on diets halfway and lose the motivation to follow them. Despite how much determination they had before, they eventually gave up when their body could not hold up anymore.

4. Why Will Calorie Shifting Be Any Different?

This type of diet will want you to eat from all the 4 major food groups in 11 day cycles. This form of eating will not make your body feel deprived in any way, and it will not enter starvation mode or slow down its metabolic rate. Most importantly, you will not lose your motivation halfway through the diet and give up. This is the revolutionary diet that I had used to become an acceptable weight person from an overweight person.

5. Conclusion

It is certainly true that many types of diets are able to help you achieve weight loss. Low carb, low calorie and low fat diets however, are not recommended by doctors since it takes away important food components that your body needs.

Shifting calories, however, is a better alternative to help you achieve weight loss. It does not restrict your body of any food types, except that you have to eat them at different times of the day.


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